AI Not Moving towards location?

Hey there, I’ve got a query regarding AI that I need some help with

I have an NPC set up to respond to sounds within a level, and I have different reactions based on the enum value selected (Run towards, stand and look, run away)

When I’ve been testing the NPC, it executes the behaviour tree branch for the stand and point perfectly, however when I try to test the other two reactions out, it seems to be indefinitely stuck on either setting the location to move to (For move towards/run away), or waiting indefinitely.

I thought it may have been something to do with destroying the sound source object (Which I have in place to avoid another issue entirely), but even just taking the stimulus location doesn’t seem to fix this, so I’m not too sure what’s keeping it stuck indefinitely.

I’ve included the behavior tree and the area of the AI controller which sets the stimulus location, I’m not sure if this is enough to go off of but I’m very confused as to what’s going wrong here

This idea is only because I cannot see the AI code myself, but you can have multiple AI Perceptions.
You can have one for sight and one for sound.
That way, you can use the stimulus struct “successfully sensed” properly in your BT.
Also, make sure to set a time limit, so the AI isn’t ALWAYS seeing or hearing the stimulus.

Do you have abort lower priority set? If not, the AI will always play out the branch it’s in. Also, you can set a time limit decorator on the task nodes to break out when you need to.