AI not following player on landscape

It appears that the landscape is doing something with the AI not letting it to follow the player. The pawn sensing is working ok and so with the GetRandomPointInNavigableRadius but the instant following blueprint does not seem to do it’s job on landscape.

It works ok on default floor.

Why does my npc hate walking towards the player on landscape???

Ok, for some strange reason, a map floor is required to be in the map in order for the ai to go towards the player when it doesn’t sense it, but now there is another problem. The AI only moves half of the map, this ai move to node is already starting to bug me out.

How can I increase the traveling limit of the ai? I’m not using any behaviour tree, just blueprint.

EDIT: The NPC actually goes to the center of the map instead of the player

is it set to go to location 0,0,0?
I had bunch of problems with that AI move node recently (turns out I accidently got my mesh and capsule set to “pawn” as object type so they were colliding preventing movement arg!)

if you havent tried it, cast to the character, get world location and plug into the move to.
Might just be reading those 0,0,0 instead of the actor…

No, doesn’t work at all, the npc won’t move at all if I do this in the event OnSeePawn. But if I try to do in event tick, then the npc starts moving, but still in the center of the map like always.

But now I’m trying to use the behaviour tree instead and turns out that the npc actually goes towards the player. One problem though, the location of the player as being the target does not update, so the npc just moves to the player’s LAST known location even if the player is right next to him, he keeps going to the player’s last location, and when it reaches that, it goes to the player’s next location.

Here’s the blueprint of the Target:


I think you just killed part of my brain
You’re doing something on a whole different level than I did…

Mine was the basic beginner tutorial “chase AI”

On sense pawn–> cast to player BP —> AI move to with the “as player” plugged into the actor spot.

I have a landscape myself. When I get home in about 45 minutes I’ll drop that NPC zombie on there and see if it still follows me or not.
Repeating the process might give insight (like if mine works on a landscape then WTH is wrong with yours)