AI navigation like call of duty?

How would I go about having an NPC that acts like generic npc ai, (taking cover, running, shooting etc.) then when the player does something they move on a designated path to a location set by scripting? But still being able to act like generic AI, just moving towards a set location?

Call of duty is the perfect example.

If you’re looking for an answer that provides a solution to all of that, you won’t find one. You will want to use Behavior trees, and execute the actions based on the surrounding environment. You might likely have predetermined locations for taking cover, and locations of hotspots (Areas where the action mainly happens) for your AI to navigate more commonly through, etc.

How would I be able to tell an AI character to run to a certain location on the map? Is that something easy to do?

Epic Games has a few different AI tutorials on their official YouTube channel. I recommend this one to begin learning AI because it involves the AI needing to run to barrels to replenish its depleting health when below a certain threshold.

AI can get very complex, so I suggest you start with the tutorials, as Aesais suggested.