[AI NAVIGATION] Bug with function MoveTo? (zip project included)



		I am facing an issue with the function MoveTo, I don't know if this is really a bug or not. I didn't find any workaround to do what I want. I have reproduced the issue in a small project. Here is the [dropbox link](https://www.dropbox.com/s/1lly2fnm51umahg/MoveToBug.zip?dl=0) if you want to test.

		Issue explained :
  • I used the TopDown template
  • A character spawn at the right and it has to reached the left. I used Behavior Tree and AI to do that

  • There is a blocking object in the middle that block him

  • When you run the project, the character is blocked (he is not moving) because of this blocking object and this is normal

  • By pressing D key you can disable the collision of this object

  • When you do that it works as expected, the player run towards its direction

  • Then I re-enable the collision by pressing E. The character stop at the blocking object and it’s what it needed

  • But the MoveTo function succeed (a message is displayed (succeed) which proves that), and this is the issue. I want the character to stop but the function MoveTO not to return true.

    	Relatives information :
  • Navigation Mesh is set to dynamic in the Project Settings

  • I unchecked “Allow Partial Path” in the Behavior Tree


		Do you know how the MoveTo function could return "false"? Is this the excepted resultt and I have to code something by myself to do that?

		Sorry for my english.