[AI] Moving to Location in regards to rotation (limited rotation rate)

I am having some frustration with AI in regards to rotating towards it’s movement. I know there are settings “orient rotation to movement”, “use controller desired rotation” and rotation rate that allow me to alter the speed of rotation etc. The problem is, I am aiming for a steering style movement where the AI is moving from A to B, but is currently facing C. Instead of instantly rotating to face B (or the direction found by the path finding) or slowly rotating from its current rotation to the movement, I want to be able to steer the actual movement in an arc towards B. Of course this doesn’t appear to be supported by the pathfinding algorithms but I would like to be able to get the information from the path finding. Is it possible to get a direction vector out of the path finding system that I can use with my own steering and avoidance algorithms? Are there any other ways of achieving this effect? For me it is surprising this is not supported at all as almost all of my AI would benefit from this.

What I mean:
Moving from A → B → C. Blue = Current path taken, Green = my desired path.


Do you have solution on your issue?
I have same problem in my project.

hello there I don’t know if I’m late but I am 100% sure I found a solution, but if you already solved it I would love to see how you did it if not we can discuss the solution that i made for best practices

Could you post your solution?

video test path finder on Vimeo

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