AI MoveTo - Setup a destination


I’m using the Twin Stick Shooter tutorial by the Unreal channel on Youtube.

It’s not the first time, and now I’m trying to use it on a platformer with some modifications.

What I’m trying to do actually is to setup the AI. Actually, it follows the Player. What I want to do is to tell to the AI to go to a point (A target point maybe ?) with this blueprint. (Which I found clear and nice)

Here is my BP

My questions are :

  • Can I use the destination node to tell my AI to go somewhere precisely ?
  • If yes, how ? I can’t figure it out…

All I want to achieve is to have a “dumb” AI who can go straigth to a point, but it’s not that simple. It still doesn’t want to fall off edge, or jump with a navlink, and when there is more than a enemy, they are “laggy”, push themselves, don’t want to fall off for some reason… And I also try to have, still with this tutorial, to have multiple volume for spawning enemies.

But one thing at a time…

If you could give me a hand, I would be soooOOOoOooo helpful.

Thanks !


Anyone could give me some advice, or something ? I really can’t make it works…


Hey guys,

Still trying to figure how it could works… But I can’t find a way to do it. I tried to use an invisible actor and say to the AI to gowhere it is, but… Didn’t work.
And I’m still not able to set up a destination.

Anyone could give me a clue ? At least if it is possible or not… It would be so helpful.


Support Stream – Behavior Trees – March 10th, 2015 - Events - Unreal Engine Forums try this dev stream they deal with patrolling ai in this so may have the info you need…if not sorry but haven’t been on ue4 long enough to give my own explanation heh. This helped me with some patrolling though