AI MoveTo nodes not working most of the time

So after these hours of testing today and all day yesterday, it seems the AI can’t use any sort of Move To, either in the Behavior Tree task or with nodes, for things I set in the Blackboard with BTTs. In the tree during play, it shows they are set to what they should be, yet none of the moves are able to actually do anything. If I set a vector for instance within the AIController, the Move To nodes work in the BTT and he goes there. Although the Behavior Tree MoveTo task won’t. But if I set the same vector location using the same code in a BTT instead of the controller, even the nodes will not move him. Although I can see in the BehaviorTree the vector is indeed set in the BlackBoard, there is absolutely nothing to get him to move. The MoveTo shows PASS in the sequences, but he didn’t actually move. So it maybe seems sort of bug o something to do with the Blackboard data maybe? Because there is literally no other reason Move to location vector would only work when set from one location, but not in others. Its the same data being passed the same way. Although if I try doing to MoveToActor using a get player character, he can. So I know its not a nav mesh issue.

I have the exact same problem in UE 4.9. The MoveTo node is firing, but the AI doesn’t move. I have it setup in the exact same way as you mentioned above, incl. NavMesh. MoveToActor always works as well. Can anyone confirm that this is an official bug? It’s driving me crazy, because I can’t figure out why it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Seem like this issue, the character getting stuck at waypoint transition: