AI MoveTo Fails with "Blocked" [4-27]

Hi, I’m having some trouble with the AI MoveTo blueprint. For some reason it considers my AI to be blocked. Any help/ideas is much appreciated.

I’m using version 4.27.2 & Blueprints.

I’ve spent some time trying to troubleshoot this, but there may be something I’ve missed:

  • I’ve made sure that my AI is able to be possessed by the the AI controller (spawned or placed).
  • I’ve placed the AI on a large empty map with a decently sized Nav Mesh Bounds to give it room to roam.
  • I’ve set the collisions on the mesh to ignore all and the collisions on the capsule to block everything but the player and the camera (which are ignored).
  • I know that AI MoveTo does get called when I place a breakpoint on it.
  • When I print string the “Movement result” it says “Blocked.”
  • I’ve tried increasing the radius and the acceptance radius.
  • The AI is able to rotate when it sees the player to chase them but isn’t able to physically move towards them.

The roaming blueprints:

The chase blueprints:

Video of it failing to roam:

Video of it failing to chase, but still rotating:

Hey can you check out my question and see if you can solve it, I guess I can refer you to people who can solve your problem too!
Check my question too please

I had a function that determined the speed of the AI that I never actually set the speed variable in.