Ai moveto and scale

I’m using Ai move to to move my ai character and it works great, but if I Scale character * 2 it have problems to reach target ( get a little stuck near obsticles ) and if I scale it x3 it will get stuck after first turn .

It looks like Ai know how to find path for my character but for normal scale character, if I scale it up it is stil trying to use path for normal charater not without considering it is now 3 times as big.

how to handle this?

Did you just scale the “mesh” or the actor itself? It is possible you haven’t scaled the collision capsule and the capsule is remaining the same size during navigation queries but now the “mesh” is creating blocking hits that prevent movement since it would have been scaled up to be larger than the collision capsule.

It is behave exacly like that but I’m scaling whole actor, like that:

sry, link to image will be better: