AI Movement

Hey guys, sry right away for “another” AI Movement thread, but I#ve encountered pretty weird behaviour of my Ai and just wanted to ask if someone has a hint for me where to look for the mistake.

First a little description of the bug:

I have set up a basic AI that does basically 3 things: Follow the Player if it sees one, wander around the map if it doesn’t sees a player and while wandering around collect “ressources”. Things went quite well in the topdown example map, the Ai did basically everything right. Now the thing: I created a custom map where the basic mevement pane is ia box mesh with glass material, nav mesh is up and working - Now those little AI buddies won’t move around the map and collect their resources anymore, but only stand still till a player comes across them - then they suddenly start running after him.

Since the navmesh seems to be quite okay (otherwise they wouldn’t follow me, would they?) and the Behaviour Tree should be fine as well (no problem in the example map), I’m quite curious what else can interfere with the AI movement in a custom level and can cause such problems - Attached to the post there are 4 pictures showing basically that the navmesh is up and they are following me, but else they are just standing :confused:

I’d appreciate every hint or suggestion :slight_smile:

mfg jownyyy

–> This picture shows that the BT of the AI is working quite well, it calls the wander around task just as it should.

–> This picture shows that the navmesh is up and seem to be working

–> In this picture those little buddies are following me in the custom level, but they don’t seem to like wandering around alone in it :frowning:

->Last but not least the BT execution when the AI guys are following me

Are you sure you are using a saved BP (prefab)?
That the AI controller is on the prefab?
Have you tried creating a third level to check if it’s a map issue?

We need an AI category here.

Yep was also my first thought :slight_smile: Well I’m pretty sure my BP’s are saved correctly, additionally i’musing perforce so i guess i’d stumble upon it if it was just an unsaved BP :slight_smile: Haven’t used “prefabs”, just dragged the Ai_Charcter right into the level, again just like in the example map - And nope, haven’t treid a third level yet, that’s on my todo list the very next point, but I somehow don’t want to believe that its just a map issue. I some sort of guessed it would be something really ****ed up in the navigation (because well - i’m using a pawn as player character and therefore i’m not really using the nav mesh with my character) but if that would be the case i’d doubt that the AI would follow me, would it?