AI Movement

I have been able to make a character move to a target point using my level blueprint, however now I am trying to replace the character with a cube. I want the cube to move just like the character did. As you can see from my code below, when “F” is pressed, the character (pawn) moved to my target point. When I replace this with the cube, it doesn’t let me attatch it to the “get controller” target (see blueprints below). Instead, it connects to a “target instigater”, which is what goes into the “get controller” target. This doesn’t make the cube move like it should, though, and I don’t know why. Can someone show me the way to properly set this up in blueprint?

Character moving LEVEL BLUEPRINT:

Thank you.

the cube is an actor , it can’t be possessed or controlled like pawns or characters.
Here is a way to make it work
get the root component of your cube and use “MoveComponentTo” node

Thank you very much. I’m new to Unreal. Your answer is very helpful!