AI Movement Is Lazy and Off Track

I am spawning enemies into my game along the edges of a square room and wanting them to move towards an actor in the center of the room. I’m able to get the enemies to spawn, but some do not move. Many that move just barely, the lazily roll around not going at all where I want them to. Quite a few shoot out in generally the right direction but miss the center actor target and just fly on by. A few actually fly out at hit the target as they should. The speed of the ones that shoot out is pretty close to what I want.

How do I make them actually stay on target and move with some determination?

EDIT: This is my very first experience with unreal engine. I basically followed these two tutorials as best I could except that I am using pawns instead of characters. I also took a video of the behavior, but it is too large to upload as an attachment. I will see if I can cut it down to size if that is also needed.

This is a whole bunch of questions, not one, and it is not providing enough detail in what you are doing. You should really break each task out and treat it separately. By providing more detail, you need to show your code for the tasks, for how the target is acquired and set, as well as how the move task is programed and being called.

Debugging AI is difficult.

I think I figured it out. I turned on the visibility of the collision component and could see that the collision component and the mesh were not staying together. The collision component was flying straight at the target as it should, but the mesh was being flung away from it. I turned off the physics on the mesh and the two seem to be staying together now correctly.