Ai move to for player controller

Why can’t my player controller use “ai move to”?
Sure, this node only takes ai controllers, but why is this like this?

  • Linus

sorry, I think I didn´t understand your problem. Do you want your player to use “ai move to”? Why don´t you try a matinee?
Hope it helps you

At time of writing matinee is deprecated. Additionally, matinee does not offer an adaptable code-based solution for making a player-based character navigate. Every instance of a matinee is a special case.

You should add a PathfollowingComponent to your Character, together with some other changes you should be able to use the AI move to node

Hope this helps,

It seams that i can’t be added in blueprint for Player controller (I tried with “Construct Object with Class” also).

Yea it will be easier to just start from an AI controller and add functionality in there :slight_smile:

I’ve been wondering the same for days. In the end i had to rewrite my whole game (put the logic in the controller instead of the character). Just to be able to use the ■■■■ node.