AI Module Team Id

i wanted to set my AI in team. in AI module i know that there is FGenericTeamId is it had to be submitted in pawnsensingcomponent( but it just for sight and hear) or in perception??? or i had to just make it to be a variable in my actor??? and use UAISense???

You need to make your controllers and/or pawns implement the IGenericTeamAgentInterface. I’m very sorry but this is not really fleshed out yet.



Thx for the answer miezki. You are very helpful. So i hadto add that IGenericTeamAgent to my implementation. hemmm interesting, maybe it’s gonna be another question and if that the case, is it had a connection with crowddetour? if it is. It was great. Hehhehe

Hello I’ve just released a tutorial updated to Unreal 4.22 about this topic:

In a few words: The AAIController class implements the GenericTeamAgentInterface, you can inherits from AAIController , override the GetTeamAttitudeTowards function and setup a TeamID depending on your needs.

Check this Gist for full code or the article for more details.