AI Mercenary

Hello ! I search a tutorial for how create AI Mercenary (AI friend)

You must provide details of what you want, what have you looked…Don’t wait a good answer if you dont do the right question.

I already create an AI Enemies, my IA Friend follows the hero when he is no enemy but when there are enemies I wish he seeks and follows the Enemies if it is a mage he takes a short distance or if it is a warrior that this a little closer to the enemie.

There is no tutorial for that specific thing.

Decompose your need into all the steps. Which you’ve partly done here. You have some conditions, such as enemies near, then you need a service that picks an enemy out of the near ones and sets that as the target, service that checks if enemy is mage or warrior. Then one behavior to do standoff with the Mage, and another behavior to move close to the warrior. You also need the reference to the player so it can follow it if there are no enemies near.

Yes but how he follows enemies?

In my AI Friend :

why nobody responds when I ask this question?

In response to this, I’d say that you just weren’t very specific. Specify what function you want him to perform, then maybe an experienced game designer can help you!
If you want him to follow enemies, there are tons of tutorials on Youtube, in case no one helps you here.

You need to provide the location you want the agent to go to. You are sending it to 0,0,0. Get the location you want it to go to, or pass the Enemy Actor into the Target Actor pin on the AI Move To Node, yours is empty.

Is it possible to contact an MP by exepert ?