AI is following with no walk/run animation

When my AI Character sees me, she will automatically follow, but her walk/run animation never activates. She is sliding to me like a dead fish on a hook in her idle animation.

I assume the game engine is not changing her movement speed when she comes to me and this is why the animation never activates.I’m also using the Paragon Shinbi Pack so you can be sure the locomotion is set up properly.

How do I fix this? Please Help me it’s 3 am and I’ve been at this for 6 hours. I have tried 3 other follow methods.

Fixes I’ve tried:

  • Checking anim blueprints
  • Made sure she is using correct anim blueprints
  • Manually set movement speed when seeing a pawn

If you use a blend for say, Idle to Walk to Run, and it’s based on speed, you should check in anim blueprint if the speed of AI updates when it moves. If you show AI’s state machine in anim blueprint and also its Event Graph in anim blueprint, I could be of more help.

If you are using a custom blend blueprint for the animation set that is similar to your own playable character, then you might have to look into the Event Graph of the blueprint. You might be casting to your own character specifically, if this is true you will have to change those cast nodes to the AI character.