AI Guard Tutorial Series - End of series #1

Just wanted to post this for posterity. I’ve just finished up the “AI Guard” tutorial series, a playlist is here:

Next up is AI mobs, which should feature a lot more behavior, then we’ll maybe revisit the AI Guard again (guard needs some enemies to really see the behavior working), before moving on to something different.

As usual, any suggestions for behaviors for the mobs, guard, anything else just let me know, here on on the youtube videos themselves.

Huge thanks for creating these. Currently, these are the best tutorials out there.

Behavior trees are one of the largest and most complex parts of U4, and the least understood. There was a big need for a video series that actually demonstrates correct BT construction. Other (well intentioned) BT video tutorials lead people towards some tragically bad implementations.

Thanks again!


Great tutorials zoombapup and very well explained :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to see the next ones

Awesome tutorials!

Posted another one, this time a quick zombie tutorial (random walk, reacting to tagged actors etc).

Next up is “Mobs” and maybe a quick AI Guard update.

This is still one of the best tutorials out there on the subject.
Any chance of a project download?