AI groups

I created a AI Character. It just changes states from Idle to Wander.

Works great.

But adding more AI I get the following performance.
(My machine is 12 core i7, GTX 780 graphics card)

Zombies FPS
0 120
5 120
25 106
50 80
100 50
400 17

We need crowds of Character, where each zombie has simple AI and can attack the player.

What are recommended ways to get to 500 AI at 100 fps?

You will need to write logic to lower the tick frequency of specific units, hibernate far/occluded ones, etc. Essentially you need an AI-LOD sytem. You will also want to use navmesh walking and timeslice more behavior.

Perhaps use the experimental EQS system to determine the closest enemy so that the far AI zombies would not engage, although in this case a zombie swarm might be desirable. :wink: