AI getting stuck

I have some enemies spawning which move to my character to attack.

They get stuck in areas such as the screenshot below, whilst my character can walk straight past.
I copied my character and used it for the enemy so the settings are the same so why is this happening?



It looks like your characters are stuck on each other?
Or is it the character in the top-right that’s stuck?
Are you using Navmesh and SimpleMoveTo and CharacterController for the enemies?
What does display-navmesh show?

That’s just where they are piling up, i removed the trees from the game and they still get stuck in the same area, plus a few other areas.
Using Navmesh and simple move to actor,

Does this only happen when two of the enemies are colliding with each other? Or does it just stop even by themselves when they reach that point?

So I figured out how to see the area the AI can walk in, the area they was sticking isn’t walkable for them.
I’ve had a play with the settings but can’t seem to make much progress, how can i make the areas walkable such as inside the building?
Added a pic and circled a few spots they were getting stuck on after spawning for reference

Make the walkable areas wider.
Make sure that the navmesh generation block is tall enough to encompass the top of the walkable area.

Can this be done with a setting or am i required to redesign the map? thanks

I have changed navmesh settings and decreased the cell size and agent radius which puts the green lines everywhere I’m needing them to go, but if i decrease my enemy character radius they still won’t fit? Seem to be missing something