AI / Gameplay programmer

Hello, we are looking for a programmer to help on a solo PC game.
You will need experience with handling hundreds of zombie AI, with path obstacles and multiple navigation groups while keeping performance cost as low as possible.
I have already coded a part of the game, and you will be working with me in order to speed up the process.
You will help on many aspects of the game other than the AI, from resources systems to weapons systems etc… , as well as many RTS gameplay aspects.

Send me your portfolio and rates through PM, as well as any question you may have.
Thank you.

What u full price for AI system with this demands? No problems if its on c++pure or mixed BP? (=

u can PM anyaway or feel free email…

thx for attention.

Hey do you mind if the aiProgrammer(me) will not use blackboards ?

Hello, we do not mind using blueprints instead of C++, unless for the bits of code where it would have a significant importance for performance. As for blackboards (I’m guessing you meant behavior trees) , for the zombie units it shouldn’t be obligatory as they don’t have a very complex behavior, but you will still need to implement random delays, or some sort of technique in order to differ the calculations between all the units. My struggle have mainly been around navigation more than their decision making. As for a price for the full system, I don’t have one, as we already started the work on the AI and do not need the full system.

ok i see i want understand need some support in BP for AI or dont need. Now i clear understood but dont want any connecting with rate some like $/per hours… U said price for upgrade ur system or recode from scratch if it need… For good performance can do this via c++ pure library and without BlackBoards and states… Btw Imho Excepting BB not mean primitive AI, ) functions limiting only ur imaginations and payloads :wink:
If some body need only BP only for AI nps too.