AI following another squad leader instead of following 1 guy

Set the reference to their squad leader right after you spawn. It sounds like you are setting them all to follow the first leader, just break the spawning up into groups.

It sounds like you allready have the functionality working, so the question is a little confusing. You just set the variable for the squad leader, that is all.

I might posting the same question, but I couldn’t understand the 1st one, so here it is again. When making ai follow there squad leader, they succeed in doing it perfectly. However when spawning another group and thier squad leader, they follow only one guy. Now, I only want 4 men to each group (4 men counting the squad leader, so 3 members, one leader), but again, when spawning another group, it makes it 8. How can I make 4 certain AI, follow their squad leader? (please go into a considerable amount depth, OR, send a picture (you don’t have to send one.)).

Yeah, I got the function working, but it was because I couldn’t find the AI span node you were talking about and references and stuff.

and the way I had done the AI following was that I did set the squad leader, but then it wouldn’t specify which squad leader, because he was just a Pawn class,
so then the AI would just go “hey lets all follow that guy”, could you send a pciture please?

You need to add your own reference to the instance of your squad leader, it sounds like you have a class type reference.

For the spawn node, open a blue print uncheck context and type spawn.

Sorry, I can’t upload screenshots for you right now, the spawn AI node is in there.


Can you add a tag to each leader and their respective followers and then have a for each loop check or tags and make them follow using the array output?