AI Follower

Now available on Gumroad -

The package comes complete with the main AI follower made entirely in one blueprint, a modified third person character blueprint, as well as many other blueprints and extra widgets. As well, the pack comes with simplified systems such as dialogue, item giving, swimming, sitting, crouching behind cover, sword and gun combat with simple AI Enemies. Easily drag and drop with little to no setup. The follower blueprint is color coded, clean, and has descriptions of each individual system in the blueprint.

You are able to easily set the AI name, tag, dialogue, color, as well as replace the AI character with your own custom character which still uses the main AI blueprint. Easily use Unreal animations or your own. Full walkthroughs are included which detail the basic set-up, a complete look at the follower blueprint, setting up animations, utilizing a custom character, and an overview of all other blueprints.