AI Extensions Plugin - Flocking Demo

I’ve been working on some Flocking code for a tutorial. Anyway, I had to redo it in C++ and wanted to release that code to the community. I’m going to put it on github at some point so its more organized and I can update it. But I figured I’d release it here to maybe get a bit of feedback, see if it works as a plugin etc.

Ok, here’s the code. I included the whole project folder sans the Intermediate and Saved directories. Not sure but I was led to believe that those are recreated when you build anyway?!xJZnUbYA!ZrWMhL4cQP-r6FOjgAa7K_YIUu24tNqYaBhA3_cqOqY

Here’s a quick overview of how it all works:

And of course I just realized I’d misspelt Extensions :slight_smile: bloody typical. Ah well, one thing I can fix before putting it on github.

If anyone has any solid info on what is the minimum stuff needed to check into a repository for it to work, I’m all ears!

Cool stuff!

Very inspiring, so many things you can do with that

Great stuff!
Maybe this is a good answer to your question :slight_smile:

This looks fantastic! Is it up on Github yet or is there any chance of a Mac build?

I know it’s been a while since the thread was created, but how can this be done in BP ? Thanks.

Get the zip, that is the blueprint version. It might be a C++ project, but the actual flocking in that version is BP if I recall.