AI EQS query - Debug sh9ws no query

Hello. Im following ryan laleys shooter AI zeries - on video 4. I setup the eqs query just like him. When he plays and hits the debug button, under eqs ut shows his query running. Its just a test query for now. When i do the exact same thing, it says “0 queries”…im racking my brain trying to figure out why and how this is happening.

Can somebody please hemp me? I really dont want tp have to stop half way througu another AI series because i cant learn it then.

The pictures below show everything involved (I think).

Please help!

What’s up BO-DACIOUS!

Can you check and make sure your CoverFindRadius float is set to 1000 or so? Something biggish? If you promoted it to a variable it’s likely it didn’t take the value, so you’ll need to set it. That’s the most obvious thing to check right now for me, but the problem could be deeper.

Check on that and get back to us! We’ll go down the rabbit hole with you if we need to! :slight_smile:

Hi thank you so much for the reply. The variable was set to 1000. I removed it and hard set it to 2000 and I still get 0 queries.

And other ideas?

Thanks again.


Any ideas about what I dud wrong? I’ve gone iver this part 3 times and it seems I did everything the tutorial did. I’m really confused.

Hey Bo! Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been out for a few days.

You are absolutely sure you didn’t skip a video? I found this on pt.6 of his series. Did you set up the cover points before this? I would be lying if I said my youtube didn’t skip videos in a series on occasion and I had to go back! If you’re sure you didn’t skip one I’m going to go comb them.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask him on his Discord! He’s a really nice person!

Hey no problem. Yes I set up the points. I’m sure I saw every video. I’m really confused because 6his should be working.

If there’s anything I can do to help you/us figure this out, please let me know.

Thank you!

is the selfactor fed with the character? you have to do it yourself it doesn’t work alone

Hey Bo,

I can confirm that your code is 100% accurate.

Did you by chance make sure that the Class Details look like so?

It’s only like 5 seconds in the video so easy to miss, but very important!

Sorry, can you explain how to do that? Sounds like it could help. Sorry for the late reply. Thank you.

Hi, yes it’s set to points and everything. I’m so confused. I swear this is yet another bug. I dunno what to do. Thanks for the reply.

You are using the value of selfactor in the context, do you have the value of the selfactor filled in with the pawn?

you can easily see it on play the pawn should come out in the value of selfactor

Hmm. Long shot here, but you’re not using a custom level, are you? One made out of dynamic objects instead of static meshes? If you aren’t getting blocking hits it’s possible you’re not getting collision on the visibility channel.

Hmm I think I did that wrong. I’ll check it out tomorrow and let you know how it goes.


Oh no I’m not. Just a regular level. It’s not hits not being blocked, it’s saying I have 0 EQS queries running. I’ve gone over the video 4 times but this guy often leaves things he does out of his videos so I’m sure it’s that. Thanks again.

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I can’t find event initiate controller. That’s not from my project is it? Where would I change self actor?

yep, initiate controller is a custom event i call when spaw the controller :upside_down_face:

You can use begin play

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