AI Enemy not getting destroyed

Hey, I’m a beginner at Unreal Engine and game development and I just started it a couple of days ago. I made a project by seeing a tutorial from YouTube and the AI Enemy in my tutorial seems not to be affected by the projectile colliding with its body. I saw dozens of tutorials on YouTube and nothing is of use. These are some screenshots of the different methods I tried from YouTube but none works as the projectile isn’t colliding with the AI Enemy and is going straight through it as nothing is there! Sample gif of what happens each time is also attached. And I am using Unreal Engine 4.20.2 and all the people in tutorials are using older versions like UE 4.8, etc. Is it something that changed in later version or something else?

Can anyone please help me with this one?

Please Please Please!!

Thank you so much in advance!

From what I can tell in you GIF it looks like the ball overlaps with the enemy. Try changing it to “eventBeginOverlap” then cast to and destroy the enemy. Alternatively you can change the ball to “BlockAll” in the collision section in the details section.

Also I watched that tutorial too, I completely understand. Good luck!

Character class: Capsule is the only thing that collides as far as I know.
Hit events require both bodies to have Block on the same channel, and be set to generate Hit events.
Overlap events require at least one of the bodies to have Overlap on the same channel, and be set to generate Overlap events.