AI doesn't path after 51st AI spawned

I can see no reason why this should be happening, there’s no artificial limits in the engine that I can see, and none in our code, but it’s absolutely consistent, 52nd and onward AI spawn just doesn’t path. The BT runs, they get valid path points, they attack if I go close to them. There’s nothing unique in the VisLog output that would clue me in, I even stepped through the MoveTo BTTask code, it finds a path and appears to do what all the other working AI does.

Any ideas or guidance in how to further debug this would be great…thanks!

MaxAgents is defaulted to 50 in CrowdManager but it is can be configured with ini files within Editor : Project Settings → Crowd Manager → MaxAgents

Aha! It all makes sense…was looking all over for something like that, thank you!