AI doesn't move with the ship - Newton's first laws of motion problem

Hi, what I want is something like this (push play to start the video/gif):…oon-mobile.mp4

I have a ship, and when I posses it, I start to drive the ship. But sometimes I haven’t killed all the enemies inside the boat. What happens is the enemy keep it position, I mean: it does not move with the boat.

Here in this link]( people say I have to Parent the character’s position to the vehicle’s. How do I do that?

Some more information:

I did it right now: turned off “Simulate Physics” on my ship static mesh (it’s a pawn BP). It’s enough to make my enemy to move together with the ship.

Sadly, I need “Simulate Physics” turned on, and it’s like the AI feet are 100% slipping on the ground, so the enemy doesn’t moves and stay in it’s place in the world while the ship keeps moving.