AI doesn't move to player

Help my AI doesn’t work i need AI to move to player
alt text

Did you add a Navmesh volume? it is a common error to forget it :slight_smile:


Also, be sure to check all 3 boxes under “detection by affiliation”.
At the moment this is not fully working via BP and you have to select all the 3 items (you could improve this behaviour via C++ though).


Some hits to debug your AI:

To debug the perception AI

On your keyboard press the apostrophe key (this one ’ ) when you are running the game. then press 4 and you should see debug information for the perception of your AI (do it when the AI is on screen so that it is automatically selected as element to debug).

To Debug the Behaviour Tree:

Just run the game ad open your behaviour tree asset. You should see a yellow line indicating the path to the current node.

I have already add it but it still doesn’t work. :frowning:

And i have follow this person tutorial i dont know if he make it true Unreal Engine สร้างเกมผี #8 สร้าง AI ผี (Roam & Chase) [1/5] - YouTube

You should debug your Behaviour three and you Perception AI to understand what is broken. I’m adding some info to my answer to help you debug it.

Anyway, from the tutorial you shared it is not checking the “detection by affiliation” as I showed you in my answer, right?