AI cuts off other AI's line of sight


I am trying to make a simple zombie AI which chases the player on sight. The problem is when there are two or more of this enemies, one of them cuts off the other’s line of sight so that they stop chasing the player. Maybe this pic shows it a little bit better.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to keep all of the AI Characters chasing the player?

Sorry that I can’t help you out but I have exactly the same problem! Btw, this LoS that you mentioned refers to the one in AI Perception?

Depends how u check it, with linetrace just change channels so they dont hit other zombies

Hey there. Yes, I am not checking with traditional line traces but with the AI Perception component and it seems to lose interest in the player as soon as another AI is blocking the “sight”

I have exactly the same problem using the AIPerception component with the sight config.