AI Controllers dont start

Hey, heads up, I’m still learning the ropes.
I have encountered a problem today in my game after I created a main menu level and screen; The screen just lets the player click a button to start the main level I have been making. The problem is that when its clicked and the level loads, the enemy AI is not started so my enemies are just doing nothing. They work fine when I play from the level they are in, without going through the main menu level.

Does Anyone have any idea whats going on, like do i have to start the AI Controller someway if im loading the level in from another?

Care to elaborate on what you are trying to make the enemy AI do? Like are they supposed to move towards some other actor in the level?

Try setting a small 0.2 s delay in the AI controller before starting the behavior trees. It could be that it’s trying to get a reference to something that has not yet been spawned, when you’re coming from another level.

Why are you showing 2 different behavior trees? The first one isn’t working not because of a delay or some issue with the controller…you are running the BT fine the logic seems bad and it never executes the “Move To” task. The second BT runs fine and I can see the enemy moving and firing when you come close. But the tree is completely different from the first one you showed.

2019 03 28 15 09 00 - YouTube here is a video showing what’s happening

2019 03 28 15 09 00 - YouTube here is a video showing what’s happening

That sorted it. Thank you buddy, much appreciated.

Well, adding a delay to both fixed both of them…

I think he accidentally showed different trees in the video, but the AI bot seems to be the same.

Happy to help! Just make sure to find the blackboard value that was not set.

Hardcoding a delay is not the best solution, because we don’t know how long a delay is required. Finding what was not set can help you know when exactly to start the behavior trees.