Ai controller repossessing a character possessed by the player controller

I have a bunch of spawned characters that spawn with ai. You can then click to move whichever one you like by using the possess node with the player controller.
When I try to get the ai controller to regain control of the character it doesn’t seem to work.

So currently I am using a single character bp for them.
They spawn and are added to an array.
They are point and click so use the sidescroller character controller functioning to move.
I have tried unpossess.
I have tried possess with the ai controller.

Technically, they already unpossess when you click on another character, so it probably isn’t that necessary to unpossess the character. So how would I reposses by ai controller? I’ve tried these nodes in the second pic. I may be using them wrongly.

Thanks James

Same problem! Not sure how to put the brains back in.

Did you solve the issue. It’s really similar to my problem. I create a turn based game and I want to possess the AI one at the time. Like spawn 5 AI character, unposses them, and then posses them one by one. But after Unpossess the Get AIController function gives back null. So I tried to spawn them without controller first and later assign my AI controller. But this doesn’t work either. I’ve neved done something like this before so I’m just guessing here.