AI Controller Not Obeying Character MovementComponent


I have a Character that is intended to be a horse, i.e. acceleration and deceleration are a bit sluggish, can’t turn as sharply etc.

When my AI controller is controlling the horse, it’s supposed to run to the player, which it does. But instead of slowing down when it reaches him, it just instantly stops, which shouldn’t be possible. Any idea what might be causing this?

Best regards,
Damir H.

Can you show the Blueprint?
How are you making the horse move in the first place?

AFAIK there is no option within the character movement used to decrease acceleration when nearing a destination.

You could use an Interp to slow movement speed but I would probably do it manually so that you have more control and actually know what’s going on.

For example…

If > 500 then meters movementspeed = Maxspeed * 1
If < 500 and > 450 then meters movementspeed = Maxspeed * 0.8
and so on…

Ideally you would break it down to one statement using some math.

Alternatively you could use a timeline to slowly reduce movement speed when X distance.

Tons of ways to go about this.

The BP just does “Move to Actor” on Begin Play. I was under the impression that the controller obeys the pawn friction, acceleration and deceleration instead of doing its own movement logic. Quite counter intuitive really.

In the end I just lerped down the movement speed, but this seem awfully annoying. Makes the “normal” workflow all but useless for anything but bipedals.