AI Controller - No Animation


i am currently learning UE so excuse me if i ask for easy solutions, but for this problem i haven’t found anything…

I have a project with the following setup:

  • using ThirdPersonTemplate
  • i have downloaded 1 Paragon Character - Greystone
  • i created 2 AI’s, one with the Mannequin- and one with the Greystone-AnimationBP
  • i used a “simple” tutorial to create the AI for both, so both use the same AI-Logic

So, now both AI’s behave as expected, but the Grestone-AI doesn’t use his animations! He just moves with the default Idle-Animation…
I came to the conclusion, that the reason lies within the AnimationBP of Greystone…It has been developed differently then the one of Mannequin.

I am not exactly sure what to do know.
Do i have to extend or change the AnimationBP of the Grystone?
Is it just a simple Check-Box setting?
Maybe i have to use some other AI-ControllerLogic?

Hopefully someone understands me. If something is not clear within my problem description, please ask for more informations.