AI controller and AI movement

Hi you useful bunch!

I’m having a hell of a time trying to get my AI to move to my player once they’ve spawned. I’ve got the spawning setup (and included the spawn default controller to) but I’m not 100% on how to go about getting the little buggers to move. This is what I have:

AIcontroller BP with pawn sensing - running a 360 FOV and a plenty big radius. The blue print is mapped as On see pawn > AI Move to (get player pawn > get actor location)

Separate enemy BP parent class of character - no graph, just the mesh and the collision/movement components. In the Defaults I have AIcontroller Class as my above BP

I’m having some trouble linking the two together though, to the point that I’m questioning if that is the best way forward for a super simple ‘spawn and move to player location’ mechanic

Help pretty please!



How are you spawning?

There is a bug in the Spawn AI and Spawn Actor Nodes. The Spawn AI node will work with a Behavior Tree, not a custom AI Controller, if you need that you need to use the Spawn Actor Node, then after it is spawned use the node to Spawn the Default Controller.


Hi Mike,

Got it sorted thanks to an hours worth of tweaking and messing around. Can’t wait for the official AI documentation and for the new UE4 builds with more stable AI stuff. Thanks for the reply though! Now I’m on to the exciting world of collision detection!