AI communicate with other AI

Hi :slight_smile: I want implement a new feature to to Guard AI. If one of the guards will notice a player that sends a message to the other guards to chase player. I try do some decorators and interfaces but i can’t figure it out how to do that :frowning: Please help !

Well where are you?

What did you try so far?

I mean first of all you need to decide what should be alerted. Every single guard or just in an area?

If every guard you can just get all via “Get All Actors Of Class” and communicate like this with the other AI where to walk to.

Yea :smiley: I try send message through interface but “Get All Actors Of Class” with “Custom Event” works better. I add also service that check distance to player and if player is in range then guard attack him. Thanks Erasio :slight_smile: