AI collision sort for Player Only

I’m having an art studio show here, and because I straddle the digital and traditional world, I wanted to make a virtual tour of my studio. Because it’s close to Halloween I decided to make it a playable game. You step outside my art studio, and it’s a one level Halloween inspired game.

I have creatures who chase my player. If they collide with you they essentially eat you, however because collision sorting is looking for pawns, the sorting happens whenever these creatures collide with each other too.

This seems like it should be a simple really really simple thing, and completely frustrating that it is not. I just need to have my collision sort for not pawns, but the player.

I could use some help as I’m about a day away from having my show, trying to release my game, framing art, and a million other details… oh and I just got sick. help!

wait I figured it out. I remembered running into this with something else and using tags. So I extended a node from the AI’s OnComponentBeginOverlap from the Other Actor output, and created a new node called Actor Has Tag. From there I used a branch, and set the tag value of the Actor Has Tag to Player. Finally I made sure my player had at least one level tagged Player. None of my AI are tagged Player so this works to filter out any collisions that are not what I want. My game is basically done now,