AI collide with destroyed actor

My AI-enemies can’t walk through a door opening either when the door is open and the opening is big enough, nor when the door together with the door opening is destroyed in game. The door and door-opening is made up of one actor blueprint and I let the ai destroy the door-actor. My character can walk through the door-opening with no problem. I have even set the door opening to no collision. When I remove the door-actor completely, then the AI can walk through the opening just fine even though the opening itself is not bigger. What’s the deal here? No collision on the door-opening → ai can’t walk through, No collision on door-opening + destroyed door-opening-actor → ai can’t walk through. No, It’s not a nav-mesh-problem. Can’t ai walk through actors whatsover, even though there’s no collision on them or even if the actor is destroyed?

If you are relying on AI to use the pathfinding with the NavMesh, the AI is probably not finding a path through the door and thus not able to move through. Your RecastNavMesh can be set to Dynamically update, which may help your situation? This YouTube demo may also help: Have An AI Open And Walk Through Doors | Find Closest Door - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube