AI code (nav and path)

// Mainly for @SNIPE34

AI code for custom path nodes and navmesh

  • Please note if there is an issue with posting this code simply ask me to remove it.
    Full credits are to those involved in the unreal script cookbook. I have simply implemented the code from a level designers perspective to elevate confusion with AI navigation, specifically setting CUSTOM AI to use CUSTOM path nodes.



// To create your own custom path simply create your own
PathNode_MyCustomPathNode01 extends pathnode
and replace every instance of “PathNode_SKELETON” or “PATHNODE_xxxx”

the final result will be as follows:
Please note the extra Underscore within the simulated function PathFind() after the replacement has been made
^^ this underscore is essential as it is the array
The green highlighted text is your new pathnode and the extra red underscore should never be removed


Terrific TKBS I’ve downloaded and I’m studying it.

Besides you getting up to speed on code, to help I need to understand what kind of game you’re making, 1p, 3p and this helps too.

The problems you’re facing aren’t that huge, my code works. It’s only a matter of putting it in the correct places in your code.