Ai clear room...

I’m looking for a way for an AI to “secure” a room, by entering it.
What I want is for my AI to sweep the room with his weapon, entering it. Could someone help me on how to get there?

Thank u very much

Depending on your game, if the map is small and static, you can use target points and tell the AI to move to those points after a wait time.

Create an animation for sweeping the weapon back and forth, and play it when your AI enters a room. For larger rooms, you could use EQS to find an optimal position.

The other comments are good. The target point is good. If you are talking multiple AIs you will need to have them work together.

Also, don’t forget if you are going for realism add a task in there checking for the probability the character would be in the room - from last known position and direction, seen ect. Then use flashbangs before entering the room.

Depends on what level of realism and clearing you want.

I did a game like that. What I did is make lead AI move to target points, and have the other AI follow that lead AI.
In essence, you only have to worry about one AI moving to points on the map, and have the backup follow that AI.