AI Citizens

The AI Citizens is an advanced AI system for citizens which can be easily used by drag and drop citizens generator to level.

AI Citizens allows you to create living city. Using Point of Interest system you can create special object that AI should interact with.

You can choose one of two (or both) AI avoiding system for better result or better performance.

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Just purchased this product and had only the option to create a new project, so created a 4.13 project and it will not build. Please advise ?

Is this Multiplayer ready?

Update : this works perfectly with 4.12 and I can’t wait to get it into my game. Unfortunately I can’t get it to compile with 4.13; it gives me errors :

Any chance of getting some form of AI Traffic system?

Does this take advantage of the Unreal Environment Query System?

Edit: Also some feedback - Make the point of interest system into a plugin. That way it is easier to maintain :slight_smile:

Lastly some tutorials or docs would go a long way to helping people get started with this system :slight_smile:

With the update released today, it now works with 4.13. Thanks !

Project is now Blueprint-Only, so all problems should be solved

Oh wow, awesome to hear :smiley: I’ll look into buying this sometime

Do you need to create a separate project for this?

or can you drag it in any project?

I seem to be doing something wrong. I’ve tried migrating the code from your demos and I’ve tried a disk level copy yet when I place the BP_CitizensGenerator_01 the generated citizens just stand where they were spawned. This is the case with and without setting it to crowd following or adding POIs.

I’m seeing the following at startup :

And indeed the files under AICitizens/AI/EQS seem to be empty.

You can migrate this project to any project. Look in documentation for information about migration.

Copy DefaultEditorPerProjectUserSettings file from the config folder to your project config folder or check Environment Query System in the editor preferences in experimental tab to solve the errors. You can read the documentation for migration information.

Try to drop Nav Mesh Bound Volume, if citizens are not moving.

Sorry, I should have mentioned I did enable the environment Query System as covered in the documentation. I did not copy the DefaultEditorPerProjectUserSettings because i didn’t want to lose my other settings. Also, this is for 4.13. I’ll try dropping the Nav Mesh Bound volume and report back.

OK, With no Nav Mesh Bound Volume I still get the same results, that is - the citizens just stand there.

I tried appending the contents of DefaultEditorPerProjectUserSettings to my existing one as there seemed to be no conflict and still have no movement from the Citizens.

Has anyone been able to use other models for people instead of the current ones? I’m having difficulties there.

I’ve isolated the problem. I took one of the working demo scenarios and replaced the plane that the citizens were standing on with a landscape and the citizens stopped moving.

Vermun, I really need this resolved or this otherwise wonderful product is unusable for me.

So ifyou do not have Nav Mesh Bound Volume, try to drop it to level. It is required to build paths for AI :slight_smile:

did you get this sorted ? I was considering purchasing until I saw your issue hadn’t been confirmed resolved.

I’m afraid I didn’t. I had to move on to some other features and only just yesterday started digging into the AI controllers myself in hopes of correcting the problem.