AI Citizens or AI Daily Life --- Which is better for Procedural City Generator???


I am working on a game called Harmony. It uses the FPS Starter Kit as it’s base, and I harvest resources from Daz3D to get good quality human models. I’m going to add the Procedural City Generator as soon as I can afford it.

Video example here:
Then for the citizens, I have found two choices.

AI Daily Life


AI Citizens

And the question is, which one of these would work better with The Procedural City Generator.
And I have grown the stupidity of a thousand moons, I should use both.

But the order in which I buy them is still an issue due to my budget.

Does anyone have experience with any of these tools? Can you give your opinion on any or all of them? And which of these would work best with procedural cities? How about large crowds, which one handles them better? And it is possible the daz characters are too high quality for large crowds of them to be viable? Should I downgrade to Genesis 3?

Any advice you could offer would be appreciated.

I’m also going to add the Dynamic Flight System, so the MC can fly around the city like superman.
info on that would also be appreciated…

Or there is NPC Manager from the creator of PCG

Thank you, that is a vastly superior option. I also found his discord linking to an array of other products, including vegetation spawning, animal spawning, animal training, and the park generator itself.

Enough to make a very robust game.

Solid products for sure. But be aware that the MP creator has recently joined Epic.:wink:
And so promises of ongoing support / future updates is still very much unclear atm. :frowning:
This is a big loss to the MP. Although it may be a gain for Epic to help fix their docs.:cool:

Worry not. Ongoing support and updates are still happening. :slight_smile: