AI Character Mesh Always Reset To None

Hi Guys!

I have a Character Blueprint based on MyCharacter, everytime i start the project, the mesh inside the character will automatically set to none

May i know what may causes this problem?


This is only an idea but i think you have a conflict between your blueprint and your mesh. To try to know where is exactly the trouble i would :
Create a new project and try to do the same in it to know if this a bug in the project. (like a glitch on upgrade for example.)
Try to add another mesh in the blueprint to know if the blueprint works without the mesh.
Try to add the mesh in another blueprint (like the mixamo) to know if the mesh works with another blueprint.
If something was wrong then look a it particularly. If all is ok then check the special relations like functions, events, type of mesh, settings and anim and do tries to eliminate as much as you can to reduce the area of research.

I found out that only HeroTPP skeletal mesh will reset to none, but others(Mixamo) skeletal mesh will remain

So, should i recreate this project?

[Edit]Oh! because the parent blueprint already have the mesh, therefore child blueprint cannot have the same mesh again.

Everything runs good after i set the parent blueprint mesh to None