AI Character jerks when shooting

Hi All

I’ve made a AI Character a robot that shoots out his eye, while standing still he does not jerk when shooting, but while doing “AI Move To” when spawning a projectile to shoot cause the mesh to rotate jerk left and right.
I even remade the mesh to make sure it faces “X” no joy, redid the skeleton so that the head joint that the socket is attached to faces “X” no joy!

Hope somebody can help.


P.s. a pic does not show the problem but here’s one anyway.1b16eec528de216bdc9bd97c1fba6b1386d87f0b.jpeg

Could be too many things, you’re probably going to have to do some more screen shots of your blueprints. Are you doing some sort of character animation when you shoot? Are you blending poses in the animation graph? Are you changing the character’s rotation just before / during firing, etc, etc.


Thanx for the reply.

There is a walk animation playing while shooting, no blending, no direct rotation control that i know of.

It’s all very basic at this stage just a trial.

here’s the Character BP that spawns the projectile at the socket in front of the character mesh.


the level BP is for 4 AI characters but I only have one connected at the moment here I do the “AI Move To”.


hope you can help

Hey bud, is there supposed to be a delay and a projectile every frame (if you’re lucky that could be 60 per second)? You probably want to add the delay (at least) somewhere else or gate it or something.

This guy also had a similar problem that was down to the projectile colliding with the instigator on spawn (from what I understand):
Maybe spawn the projectile a little further forward. GL


There is a delay it only spawns a projectile every second, anyway I found the problem I had to switch off “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” and switch On “Orient Rotation to movement”.

if somebody else ever has the same problem, hope this helps them.

Eric thanx for being the only one who tried to help.


Ye, that was in the AI training stream, sorry I didn’t think of it sooner, tx for posting the solution.