AI can't use Nav Link

I am having no luck getting my AI to use a Nav Link Proxy. I have searched the forums and documentation, and some people have posted similar problems and the answers said that there were bugs that should have been fixed in 4.7.

I have my nav mesh and Nav Link Proxy set up exactly like the Nav Mesh Content Example Map. My AI is being told to follow the player. In normal circumstances it reacts and works just fine. But I am trying to get it to follow me off of a ledge. I fall off the ledge and it moves to the Nav Link but then just kind of bumps into it forever. I have scripted in some debug stuff to see the path nodes it its trying to use, and it is pathing between the Links correctly, just not moving there.

Anyone else having this problem or have any insight?

Here are some videos to explain what I’m seeing:

Without navigation shown

With navigation shown

Any help would be great