Ai Can't store Actor in Blackboard !

Hi guys,

I have problem to store Object to Blackboard . I’m trying t make Memory Marker ,as a last location where AI Character spotted player character . My approach is to spawn TargetPoint on Player Location and store it to Blackboard Object key as Actor base class. If that key is null I will spawn new TargetPoint actor otherwise I want just to update location of old TargetPoint . But it that setup don’t work because value in Blackboard is always null what ever I did. There it is , my setup in few screenshots :

Behaviour Tree


VisionCheck Service

SetMemoryMarker Function

I made workaround . I am storing MemoryMarker Actor in AI Character blueprint and it seams to work. But still I want to solve this problem regularly, if it is possible.

I would be thankful for any help

I got the same issue and I have created my own MoveTo task that is using blackboard variable. Working like a charm.

Thanks for fast reply , I’ll try that !