[Ai] Bots vs Bots soccer test


At it again, developing a team ai director for 3v3 bots playing soccer with a positional logic.

I’m live streaming them playing all day while at work, take a peek!

‪https://www.reddit.com/r/Ultraball/comments/5wvg72/ai_has_dash/ - link to twitch in Reddit post!

How it works:

Players are recording car of there distance to ball, thier own goal and opponent goal.

They choose mode between keep, support, attack based on who’s closest to ball and closest to own net.

The lines you see purple is the best keep location yellow support offensive position, and blue defensive position.

Depending on calls distance to opponent net it switch support to use a defensive or offensive desired location.

Chase being closest to ball is trying to get to the ball using the lead position indicated by the white small orb near the ball. Once in range it then uses the red or blue to get a better angle to hit ball at opponent net.

Working pretty well. Players will use dash and jump depending how far away the desired location is to them to get there quicker