AI Blueprints Needed

I have a game idea and I want to prototype it.
Single player - PVE gameplay. Vehicle combat (Player), Foot Soldiers (AI), & Mechs (AI).

Specifically, I would need the AI done for me by someone who can make it work the way I want it to. I would provide some of the models w/ animations since some of the AI are Mechs. The “Foot Soldiers” could be the humans that come with the UE4 starter pack since it is just a prototype/demo build. I would want this work done with direction, review and communication via Skype. I have a Dropbox account for file sharing. I will purchase or create the level designs and I will build my own 3D models and animations to provide for the AI animations you’ll need.


  • Navigate normally *]Patrol in groups (Mechs have Foot Soldiers with them) *]Detect player (by sight and sound) – engage player – shoot and damage player *]Detect other AI (by sight and sound) – engage other AI – shoot and damage other AI *]Receive damage from player and/or other AI *] Loses health until Death *] Stops moving

Team Name:
I am a sole individual - one man in a gaming world!

Team Structure**:**
<Creator/Director (Me)><Blueprint Scripting (You)><3D Character Artist (Me)><3D Artist (Me)><Concept Artist (Me)>

Previous Work:
Here are samples of some of the 3D models and animations I have done (this is my hobby). View on my Social Media sites:


Talent Required:
<Blueprint Scripting>

  • Online Portfolio, CV, and/or Samples/YouTube videos. *]Skype. *]Can build Blueprints from scratch. *]“Professional” experience not required - interested in all talent. *]Some bonus. *]Willing to explain work done in review. *]

Angel Roldan
Skype: theangelroldan

can talk why not…fast and good, examples here fight AI alpha gameplay - YouTube

Thank you both for your replies. I’ll contact each of you individually. Please feel free to connect with me on Skype when you have a chance. Thank you!