AI Blueprinting - How do I make an NPC face a player character?

I am watching Ryan Laleys tutorials on Youtube and I wanted to know how I can create a task on the behaviour tree in which the NPC simply turns to face the player characters location? I’ve been having a lot of trouble with this at the moment.

I have already made the NPC stop within a certain distance after chasing the player character. Now I want the NPC to turn and face the player character, until the player character moves out of range.

There is a vector function called find look at rotation that would work. If you mean the rotation over time, there are some functions for that (one called Look At).

Simple task to make the NPC face the player:


Here Is A Better One, BRU!: ( I Know This Is Old, But The Reply Just Didn’t Help, Here This Worked:)

Also That Connection is A Event Tick That Calls Every Frame Or Someting

The code everyone has shown will work well, but it’s all of a sudden. If you want the character to turn, you’ll need to blend this code with a LERP. I don’t have a blueprint of one handy, or I would post.