AI Blackboard Variable Organisation

Would be really nice if the blackboard variables could be reordered and put into categories, like you can with regular Blueprint variables. Once you start getting a few variables in there it can get messy quick and makes it really hard to keep related variables grouped together neatly.

Definitely concur. Would be extremely useful.

This is even more important given the fact that sub behavior trees must use the same blackboard as the parent tree. If you’re building a complex AI (like I am) you end up with a dozen sub trees all sharing the same blackboard. You then have to add all the variables for every sub tree into the same blackboard!!! It gets so out of control it’s painful. I have no idea how the AI guys at Epic working on Paragon and Fortnite can deal with this beast. I’m sure their AI’s are as complex as mine if not more so… how are they staying sane while working under these conditions.

This brings me to a second point that would help with my original request… please Epic allow us to use different blackboards for sub trees instead of the same blackboard as the parent tree. There is no reason why my behavior tree that handles the AI fleeing from danger needs to share a blackboard with the behavior tree that handles my AI drinking at the pub. If a brawl breaks out and my AI switches from the drinking tree to the fleeing tree… it couldn’t care less about the variables used for drinking. At that point a whole new set of variables kick in to help it run away. At the moment all the variables for both trees along with a dozen other trees are littered together in a completely disorganised mess in the blackboard and it is impossible to refactor or organise them.