AI Blackboard Value Not Being Set When Spawned

Hi, I’m trying to make my AI set a value on the blackboard when it’s spawned, but it keeps coming up with the error “Accessed None trying to read property CallFunc_GetBlackboard_ReturnValue”

Weird thing is when I drag and drop an NPC into the world manually, it will set the boolean correctly when I start the game, and follows the player or patrols the area as and when it should, but when I spawn the AI around my pawn on the begin play in the player pawn, I get that same error for each one spawned and they all stand still.

Can anyone help please?

In the ai character, in the Pawn section, set “Auto Possess AI” to “Placed in world or Spawned”.

Ah thank you, that worked! :smiley:

I swear I changed something with them same options earlier and it didn’t work, but I can’t find the other variable so I must’ve changed it and it didn’t save

EDIT: I’m an idiot, I changed it in the player character instead of the AI